quattro_4 scribble

scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

Ruby5 #537


  • Neural Network
  • Regression Driven Tests
    • How you test
    • Regression driven testing is a good place to start
    • question of whether or not you want to be warned
  • Airbrussh
    • reformat verbose and meaningless output from your capistrano deploys
  • Neo4j with Rails
    • open-source NoSQL graph database implemented in Java and Scala
  • Rails Sessions
    • You can only store about 4kb of data in a cookie
    • Cookies are sent along with every request you make
    • If you accidentally expose your secret_key_base, your users can change the data you’ve put inside your cookie
    • Storing the wrong kind of data inside a cookie can be insecure
    • Alternative session stores

♫ The Matches - Drive

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