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AngularJS tutorial #3

Routing Application routes in Angular are declared via the $routeProvider The App Module app/js/app.js var phonecatApp = angular.module('phonecatApp', ['ngRoute', 'phonecatControllers'] phonecatApp.config(['$routeProvider', $routeProvider.…

AngularJS tutorial #2

並べ替え <li ng-repeat="phone in phones | filter:query | orderBy:orderProp"> <select ng-model="orderProp"> default value of orderProp $scope.orderProp = 'age'; pre select <option value="age">Newest</option> 初期orderPropが無い場合 -> temporarily add a new "unknown" option 逆順 <option value="-age">Oldest</option></select></li>

AngularJS tutorial #1

AngularJS angular-seed angular/angular-seed · GitHub <html ng-app> <li ng-repeat="phone in phones"> <body ng-controller="PhoneListCtrl"> var phonecatApp = angular.module('phonecatApp', []); phonecatApp.controller('PhoneListCtrl', function($scope) { The prefix ng stands for "Angular;" angularjs - Wha…</body></li></html>