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RubyPlus #32


  • Performance Updates from RailsConf 2017
  • Why write code when more dependencies will do?
    • Polyfill implements newer Ruby features into older versions
  • RedDot RubyConf 2017
    • Two days single track Ruby conference is taking Place in June 22-23 in Singapore
  • Fragment Caching with Rails 5.1
  • Announcing an open data set on the open source community
    • Open Source Survey
    • What people value in the software they use and in open source projects
    • How and where people find and provide help
    • Privacy preferences and practices
    • Employer policies around using and contributing to open source
    • Negative experiences and their consequences
    • Personal backgrounds of community members
  • Grafana 4.3 Beta Release
    • New Heatmap Panel
    • Elasticsearch Histogram Aggregation
  • RailsConf 2017: Perusing the Rails Source Code - A Beginners Guide
    • This video outlines steps you can take to explore the inner workings of Rails
  • Instantly prepare your ERB templates for translation!
  • darnbrokenrails: A Cyber Security/Code Quality Teaching Tool for Rails
    • cybersecurity / code quality teaching tool for Rails
    • bundler-audit, brakeman, rails_best_practices