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RubyPlus #34


  • Redis 4.0 General Availability
    • new replication engine and the ability to extend Redis itself
  • How I reduced my database server load by 80%
    • heroku pg:outliers command which comes from this Heroku a pg:extras CLI extension.
  • How to safely store API keys in Rails apps
    • Pros & Cons - Save directly in codebase, Save in ENV, Save in DB
    • Save in DB and encrypt attr_encrypted
  • Spreadsheet Architect
    • turn any activerecord relation or ruby object collection into a XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheet
  • Fast CSV Report Generation with Postgres in Rails
    • conn.copy_data "COPY (#{sql_query}) TO STDOUT #{options};" do
  • Rails on Docker: Getting Started with Docker and Ruby on Rails
    • docker run --rm -it --env RAILS_ENV=development ...
  • 2 Tests You Should Run Against Your Ruby Project
  • Speed Up Your Rails Test Suite By 6% In 1 Line
      • config.logger = Logger.new(nil)
  • Ruby on Rails Code Audits: 8 Steps to Review Your App
    • grep -v 'add_index' db/schema.rb | grep '_id' | wc -l
    • grep 'add_index' db/schema.rb | wc -l
    • grep -ir 'todo' app/*
  • Running feature specs with Capybara and Chrome headless
    • capabilities = Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::Capabilities.chrome(
      • chromeOptions: { args: %w[headless disable-gpu] }
  • Graphing Benchmark Results in Ruby
    • benchmark-ips
  • 5 ways we’ve improved flakey test debugging