quattro_4 scribble

scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

Ruby5 #536


  • Release Candidates
    • changes to action mailer, action pack, action view, active model, active record and active support
  • Callback Gotchas
    • how ActiveModel callbacks can result in a race condition when retrieving a new record in an after_save callback method
    • group :test do
      • gem "test_after_commit"
  • Time Zones
    • Always deal in date and time objects
  • Contracts.rb
    • Contracts.ruby is an easy to use gem that allows you to make assertions about your methods
    • Contract Num, Num => Num. This says that the add function takes two numbers and returns a number
  • Papertrail
    • Debugging with PaperTrail

Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream

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