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thoughtbot The Bike Shed Episode #69-77

69: No More Drills | The Bike Shed

  • Elixir
    • thoughtbot ♥️ Elixir
    • Bamboo (email)
    • ExMachina (factory girl)
    • Ecto
  • Rails 5

70: Make Small Things (Sandi Metz) | The Bike Shed

Sandi Metz

  • Sandi Metz' Rules
    • Classes can be no longer than one hundred lines of code.
    • Methods can be no longer than five lines of code.
    • Pass no more than four parameters into a method. Hash options are parameters.
    • Controllers can instantiate only one object. Therefore, views can only know about one instance variable and views should only send messages to that object
  • antidote

71: It's a Total Hack | The Bike Shed

72: Surprises Cut For Time (Aaron Patterson) | The Bike Shed

Aaron Patterson

73: Probably In My Other Pants | The Bike Shed

  • Pokemon Go
    • crash
    • battery pack
      • battery toast (おしまいになった)
    • crappy version of Ingress
    • Tipping Point (転換点)
    • Bar -> Lureでfree beer
    • Coffee shop -> discount for gym color
  • The Laila & Brenda Show

74: A Dip in the Connection Pool | The Bike Shed

75: I'm Not Sure That's Better | The Bike Shed

76: The One With Laila & Brenda | The Bike Shed

77: The Floors Are Not Zero Indexed | The Bike Shed