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iOS Bytes #68


  • Swifty State Machine
    • helps you create and visualize state machines
  • iOS Simulator App Installer
    • a tool for creating OS X app Desktop launchers for iOS apps
    • brew tap stepanhruda/tap
    • brew install ios-simulator-app-installer
  • FLXView
    • Flexbox spec in a library so you can code layout easier in the Flexbox style
    • inspired by Josh Abernathy's SwiftBox
  • Under the Hood of Xcode Server
    • internals of Xcode server and Apple’s continuous integration tools
  • X
    • makes it easier to share code between iOS and OS X apps
    • Cartfile (Carthage)
      • github "soffes/X"
    • UIColor <-> NSColor

DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem

by SoundHound