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scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

5JS #70


  • Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
    • outlines new features from ES6 such as destructuring, let, and arrow functions
  • ES6 Features
    • New Features: Overview & Comparison
  • xto6
    • develop using ES5 and then transpile that code into working ES6 code
  • JS Written Number
    • takes an integer and returns a string representing the number in English
    • npm js-written-number
  • Polymer 0.8
    • the proposed API for 1.0. It is considered an “alpha” release
  • The Rise of TypeScript
    • TypeScript has consistently committed to supporting the latest ECMAScript features
    • tool
      • WebStorm recently added TypeScript support
      • new Eclipse plugin
      • Sublime Text

David Bowie - Changes

by SoundHound