quattro_4 scribble

scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

Ruby5 #534


  • InfraRuby 3.6
    • InfraRuby is a compiler and runtime for statically typed Ruby
    • uses JRuby to bootstrap
  • Passenger 5.0.2
    • here was a bug in 5.0.1 where requests could sometimes become stuck when the response is too large
  • Rails 4 Perf
    • Pagination, Indexes, Bullet, Rack Mini-Profiler
  • Numeric Bases
  • Search Cop 1.o.6
    • Search engine like fulltext query support for ActiveRecord
    • AttrSearchable is now SearchCop
  • Rack::Cache Queries
    • every URL including the query string as a separate fragment in the meta store

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