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Ruby5 #516

Ruby5 - Episode #516 - December 9, 2014

  • jRuby
    • possible denial of service via XML expansion
    • already patched in MRI with the release of Ruby 2.1.5 on November 13th
  • ROM 0.4.0
    • Ruby Object Mapper
    • Command API to create, update and delete records
  • Traveling Ruby
    • simple solution to package an application with the Ruby version
  • valid, valid?, valid!
    • using ActiveModel::Validators at the controller level by implementing a ParamsValidator module that collects the allowed attributes, initializes them, and provides a method returning a Hash
  • Rewrites with Science
    • RubyConf 2014 in San Diego just started rolling out at Confreaks
  • Rails Camp NZ
    • everybody gets a chance to speak, attend or participate in building something
    • tickets are $249
  • Gift of Code
    • For every gift of code package purchased we’ll donate a 3 month subscription to a number of non-profits that support code literacy
    • 3 Month $87 -> $69

♫ Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

by SoundHound