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Ruby5 #507

Ruby5 - Episode #507 - November 4th, 2014

  • Rubinius 2.3.0
    • MRI 2.1 with keyword arguments and other syntax changes that came with Ruby 2.1
  • Zopfli-ffi
    • Zlib compatible compression algorithm released by Google last year
    • It can compress things about 10% smaller than normal gzip
    • but it’s 150 times slower to actually compress things
  • Benchmarking Middleware
    • determines whether to serve static assets in production for a Rails application
  • Enums & Queries in Rails 4.1
    • define enums in our ActiveRecord models
    • It’s nice to have a default way to set simple boolean flags
  • Ruby Garbage Collector
    • explain what garbage collection is and how it works
  • Hunting for Leaks in Ruby
    • ObjectSpace object. Since Ruby 2.1 this object allows you to make a Heap Dump

♫ Mr.Hanky The Christmas Poo

by SoundHound