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Ruby5 #473

Ruby5 - Episode #473 - June 17th, 2014

  • Bundler 1.6.3
    • store private gem source URLs outside of your Gemfile using a bundle config source-url command
    • but Gemfile.lock still stored the secret keys
  • Guide to AREL
  • Shoes App
    • how to create a Post-It Note application
    • Why-the-lucky-stiff
  • attr_searchable
    • to send ActiveRecord full text search queries
    • PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported
    • Book.search("Harry Potter")
      • WHERE (books.title LIKE '%Harry%' OR books.description LIKE '%Harry%' OR ...) AND (books.title LIKE '%Potter%' OR books.description LIKE '%Potter%' ...)
  • Passenger Screencast
    • 27min
    • walkthrough of the Phusion Passenger codebase
    • giving an architectural overview, then dives into the code for initialization, request handling, process management, and application spawning
  • SmartListing
    • build smart tables, that do things like AJAX pagination, sorting, filtering, and maybe even in-place editing


by SoundHound