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Ruby5 #471

Ruby5 - Episode #471 - June 10th, 2014

  • Rails/Merb Retrospect
    • most developers haven't embraced this modularity on their projects
  • Orats
    • stands for Opinionated Rails Application Templates
    • wrapper around the rails command for creating new apps and it does a bunch of stuff for us like setting up redis, sidekiq, puma and a lot more
    • setup authentication with Devise and a playbook for Ansible
  • Swift and RubyMotion
    • Why Swift Will Never Replace RubyMotion
  • RubyMotion 3.0
    • RubyMotion 3.0 will add support for Android
  • Docker 1.0
    • signifies a level of quality, feature completeness, backward compatibility and API stability to meet enterprise IT standards
  • RubyConf Portugal
    • October 13th and 14th in Braga
    • the first RubyConf taking place in Portugal
    • discount code RUBY5<3PT

Hermes House Band - GOOD - Portugal

by SoundHound