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5JS #29

5 Minutes of JavaScript - Episode #29 - May 29th, 2014

  • Object.observe
    • Object.observe is landing in Chrome 36 beta
    • Object.observe is a method for asynchronously observing changes to JavaScript objects
  • LoopBack
    • by StrongLoop, makes creating thin API layers for thick clients quick and simple
    • open-source NodeJS application that comes with various client SDKs like Android, iOS, and AngularJS
  • RouterJS
    • provides an API for handling routes
    • It’s also the routing microlib used by Ember.js
  • cs_console
  • The Next Foundation
    • building a new version of Foundation from the ground up, not as a replacement to Foundation 5
    • The new version, called Foundation for Apps, will be built using AngularJS

♫ The Overseer - The Structure//The Foundation

by SoundHound