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Ruby5 #445

Ruby5 - Episode #445 – March 4th, 2014

  • Interactors
    • Rails, the Missing Parts
      • Part 1 – Interactors
  • Component-based Architecture
    • MountainWest RubyConf 2013 Component-based Architectures in Ruby and Rails by Stephan Hagemann
      • 30 min
    • how you can extract self-contained business logic into modules, gems, engines, etc
    • clear naming tends to make it easier to see the edges of a class’s responsibility
    • how to create the gem structure without the need to run gem build or actually publish the gem itself
  • RubyMotion Experiences
    • don’t think of controllers in Rails when you’re working with controllers in Cocoa Touch
    • state and persistence are drastically different in a client application
    • Obj-C looks like the syntax was derived at random from a bag of broken glass, barbed wire, and salt
  • The Adapter Pattern
    • how adapters are used for the MultiJSON gem, ActiveRecord and even the DateTime and Time classes
    • ActiveRecord’s AbstractAdapter
  • Ruby Universe
    • Omniref
    • Ruby source code indexing system, adding cross library reference inference and inline documentation from included modules, among other things


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