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Ruby5 #629

Ruby5 - Episode #629 - April 1st, 2016

  • What makes a great Tech Lead?
    • Full Stack over Specialist
    • Takes Responsibility over Waits For Tasks
    • Breaks New Ground over Sticks To Tried & Tested
    • Author over Translator
    • Active Communicator over Wallflower
    • Reliable over Unreliable
    • Mentor over Mentee
    • Embraces Customers over Avoids Customers
    • Solves The Problem over Flags The Problem
    • Always Be Learning
  • PostgreSQL fsync flag
    • turning off fsync is often a performance benefit,
    • updates are physically written to disk, by issuing fsync() system calls or various equivalent methods (see wal_sync_method). This ensures that the database cluster can recover to a consistent state after an operating system or hardware crash
  • db_text_search
  • Five ActiveRecord Features
    • pluck, transaction, touch, changes (changed?, _was)
    • after_commit callback is only triggered after the record is persisted to the database
      • queue, log