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5JS #41

5 Minutes of JavaScript - Episode #41 - August 21st, 2014

  • Ember 1.7
    • Metal Views, a precursor to HTMLBars that improves rendering performance
  • HTML Imports issues
    • <link rel="import" href="ui-dialog.html">
    • it has a serious repercussion: jquery.js is bundled with your component
      • the browser will download jQuery five times
  • Angular 2.0 Router
    • internal document detailing future changes and features to the AngularJS router
  • WebODF
    • library for working with the Open Document Format on websites and in mobile or desktop applications
    • makes it easy to add an ODT editor element to your webpage
    • available under the AGPL
  • ASM
    • almost direct translation to assembly code

Seal - Fly Like An Eagle

by SoundHound