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RubyPlus #30


  • Rails 5.1 Released
    • manage JavaScript dependencies from NPM via Yarn
    • Optionally compile JavaScript with webpack
    • jQuery is no longer a default dependency
    • system tests using Capybara
    • encrypted secrets
    • parameterized mailers
  • Oj (Optimized JSON) 3.0 Released
    • Faster than the built in Ruby json gem
  • Write Native Ruby Extensions ‘Without Fear’
    • Helix makes writing Ruby classes in Rust
  • Boot large ruby/rails apps faster
    • optional support for ActiveSupport and YAML, to optimize and cache expensive computations
  • Search and Autocomplete in Rails with Postgres
  • Rails 5.1 has introduced Date#all_day helper
    • User.where(created_at: Date.today.all_day)
      • SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE ("users"."created_at" BETWEEN $1 AND $2)
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly: The Story of a Rails 5 Upgrade
  • acli: A Command-Line Client for Action Cable
    • Action Cable command-line client
    • written in mRuby
  • Implicit Code : Programming with a love of the implicit
    • DHH: explicit code is not always better
  • Ruby on Rails: the Bad and Good parts
    • Hanami, Roda
  • Postgres tips for Rails developers
    • Manage long running queries with statement time-outs
    • Finding misbehaving queries
  • Some Lesser-Known Features in Rails 5.1
    • More consistent tag helpers
  • Caution when using before_destroy with model association
    • before_destroy :remove_external_account, prepend: true
  • Parsing Excel Files with Ruby
    • axlsx, rubyXL, roo, creek, spreadsheet, simple_xlsx_reader