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Ruby5 #611

Ruby5 - Episode #611 - January 12th, 2016

  • Per-form CSRF tokens
    • For sites using CSP, one of the biggest risks of content-injection is form hijacking
    • Content Security Policy (CSP)
  • Ruby's New &.!= Operator
    • &. = try!
    • if lib.source_url &.!= lib.homepage_url
      • if lib.source_url && lib.source_url != lib.homepage_url
  • DHH on the Future of Rails
    • new mini-book called The Rails Doctrine
      • The allegiance for Rails is to make it possible for one, two, or a few programmers to create amazing apps that span web, email, mobile, native, API, and all the other platforms
  • Don't Assume It's Difficult Until It Is
    • Korean is a difficult language for westerners to learn
    • the hard parts are invariably not what I thought they would be
  • RailsConf 2016 Last Call for CFPs
    • Kansas City May 4-6 $500