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scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

5JS #75


  • Deku
    • alternative to React.js built by the Segment team
    • React was a ‘big thing’ doing many things within a black box
  • Ionic 1.0
    • open source HTML5 mobile framework for building cross-platform hybrid native apps
    • Native Scrolling, Swipe to Go Back gesture, SVG Spinners, and improvements for Windows Phone
  • json-server
    • allows you to build a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds
  • MS fork of NodeJS
  • Transition to Ember 2.0
    • The release of Ember 2.0-beta is scheduled for June 12 and Ember 2.0 final for July 24

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