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Ruby5 #509

Ruby5 - Episode #509 - November 11, 2014

  • CLI Gems with Thor
    • Making a command line utility with gems and thor
  • Autoload Paths
    • differences between eager loading classes and auto loading classes in a Rails application’s development and production environments
  • Ruby 2.1.4
    • non-breaking, backward-compatible and primarily focused on fixing two vulnerabilities
      • XML parsing exploit
      • default OpenSSL settings to be more secure
  • Rails Security Releases
    • fixed a vulnerability where a server could leak the existence of a file on the filesystem
  • Rails 4.2.0.beta4 before release candidates
    • the final beta release of Rails 4.2
  • Static Analysis
    • static security analysis tools available to test your Ruby applications
    • Brakeman, Bundler-Audit, and Codesake-Dawn
  • Tropical Ruby Conf
    • March 5th through 8th in Porto de Galinhas (Brazilian northeast coast)
    • Avdi Grimm

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