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Ruby5 #502

Ruby5 - Episode #502 - October 14th, 2014

  • RailsRumble 2014
    • distributed 48-­hour competition of one to four people to build an innovative Rails or Rack-­based web application
  • Ruby Motion for Rails devs
    • Jack Watson-­Hamblin emailed us this morning to let us know about the release of his Ruby motion for Rails developers course
    • The first two episodes of his screencast series are free
  • Ruby Hashes
    • how hashes work in Ruby. He explains how a hash stores data, but also what happens when hashes grow and collide!
  • Rails Data Migrations
    • gem nondestructive-migrations
      • allows you to separate schema­-only migrations from non-­destructive data migrations in your Rails app
  • Clean Routes
    • traceroute, a gem that sniffs out dead routes and actions with a nifty rake task
  • Better Rails Logging
    • 12 factor logs, Lograge, Foreman export

♫ Ren & Stimpy - The Log Song

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