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5JS #44

5 Minutes of JavaScript - Episode #44 - September 11th, 2014

    • new JS-SIMD API on the latest Firefox Nightly
    • SIMD is short for Single Instruction, Multiple Data and it's really powerful for doing things like low level graphics and sound processing
  • Espruino
  • MEAN at Google
    • Google Compute Engine has recently added "Click to Deploy" support for the MEAN stack
    • Prices start at less than 10 cents per hour for a single virtual core server with 3.75GB of RAM
  • Cross Storage
    • Daniel St. Jules at ZenDesk
    • gives you the ability to grant access to local storage data across different domains
  • roBrowser
    • based on the game Ragnarök Online

♫ Ragnorak Online

ROBrowser's App from http://www.robrowser.com

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