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iOS Bytes #29

iOS Bytes - Episode #29, July 17, 2014

  • Realm.io
    • Realm is an open source, cross platform mobile database
    • can be used in the place of SQLite, CoreData, or other databases/ORMs
  • Proper Lazy Loading
    • lazy loading in Swift to combine instantiation and configuration
  • SCLAlertView-Swift
    • UIAlertView replacement called SCLAlertView-Swift
    • pod 'SCLAlertView'
  • Uncovering SourceKit
    • SourceKit is the set of tools that enables most of Swift’s source code manipulation features
    • jazzy is a command-line utility that generates documentation for your Swift and Objective-C projects
    • SwiftEdit is a proof-of-concept editor that supports syntax highlighting for Swift files
  • Vector 48
  • Complex Enums
    • complex enums to improve loading data in table view cells

Pharrell Williams - Full Despicable Me Theme Song

by SoundHound