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5JS #36

5 Minutes of JavaScript - Episode #36 - July 17h, 2014

  • Breach
    • Breach is a browser for the HTML5 era, entirely written in Javascript
    • It is free, modular, and hackable
  • Patterns to Refactor JS
    • Value Objects
    • Service Objects
    • Form Objects
    • Query Objects
    • View Objects
    • Policy Objects
    • Decorators
  • mori 0.2.9
    • ClojureScript's persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript
    • 「森」
  • Best Practices for Angular
    • Angular application in a way that does not use any global variables
    • how to use Gulp to combine and output a single JavaScript file that represents your entire application
  • Depended npm packages
    • put together a list with the top 5 most depended-­upon packages on NPM
    • Underscore, Async, Request, Lo-Dash, Commander
    • Usage: pizza [options]

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