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iOS Bytes #26

iOS Bytes - Episode #26, June 26, 2014

  • Multiple Animations
    • includes a few best practice tips for getting animations right
  • Snapshots
    • Xcode plugin called Snapshots that makes it easier to work with Facebook’s FBSnapshot library in Xcode
  • Framing Your Work
    • wrote up a great checklist of issues and gotchas that you'll find useful if you're trying to include a dynamic framework
  • CRPixellatedView
    • The effect is inspired by animations in Facebook's Slingshot app
    • モザイクみたいなfade効果
  • Composing Functions in Swift
    • how to compose functions and implement the Decorator pattern on functions in Swift
  • TOMSMorphingLabel
    • morphs the text in a UILabel with animation - and all you have to do is change the text property of the label


David Bowie - Space Oddity

by SoundHound