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5JS #28

5 Minutes of JavaScript - Episode #28 - May 22nd, 2014

  • Shaping up with Angular
  • Browserify Handbook
    • browserify to build modular applications
    • Browserify
  • AniJS
    • declarative handling library for CSS animations
  • Polymer
    • 20 minute screencast by Google
    • declarative syntax makes it simpler to define custom elements
  • Fluxxor
    • set of tools to aid in developing React applications with the Flux architecture
  • Empire.js Videos
    • All of the videos are available from the recent Empire.js conference
    • Two of my favorite talks
      • Nodebots by Rick Waldron
      • The Hidden Benefits of Static Analysis by Kirill Cherkashin and Tsering Shrestha

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Shaping up with Angular