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Ruby5 #460

Ruby5 - Episode #460 - April 29th, 2014

  • Pull Review
    • PullReview reviews the Ruby code you just wrote and tells you what's wrong
  • Various
    • easily configure ActionPack::Variants for your Rails apps
    • easily configure a mapping of user agent regular expressions which will set the request.variant automatically
    • config.variant_map = { /iPad/ => :tablet,
  • What's Next
    • links for beginners and experts, as well as interview questions and a ranking of GitHub repositories
  • RailsReloader
    • Sucker Punch
  • Capistrano
    • gem which helps track Capistrano deploys via Space notifications and OSX Notification Center
    • capistrano-team_notifications
  • Rails & AngularJS
    • setting up Karma and Jasmine for testing and making sure they all play nice with the Rails asset pipeline
  • PG Power
    • ActiveRecord extension that helps to get more from PostgreSQL, like creating and dropping schemas, managing comments, and the ability to add foreign keys
  • TopRubyJobs

Helloween - Power

by SoundHound