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Ruby5 #455

Ruby5 - Episode #455 - April 8th, 2014

  • Heartbleed Heartbleed Bug
    • This weakness allows stealing the information normally protected with SSL/TLS encryption
  • tco gem
    • to use simple RGB to choose terminal colors
  • Ruby 2.1 Garbage Collection
    • ready for production
    • gc_tracer gem to analyze your GC
  • Hound
    • hosted service that comments on Ruby style guide violations in your GitHub pull requests
    • currently free
    • public projects will be free
  • Exciting Rails 4.1 features
    • secrets.yml
    • Action Pack Variants
      • render device specific views when mixed with any device detection solution like the useragent or browser gems
    • The improved cookies serializer
  • Closing

Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart

by SoundHound