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scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

thoughtbot Giant Robots Episode #69

thoughtbot Learn Geocoding in the Now Episode #69

Josh Clayton and Laila Winner on their book, Geocoding on Rails

Ruby Geocoder

geocoder gem with Redis, cache(memcache on heroku)

area gem for USA cities jgv/area · GitHub

finish new book
geocoding in rails
teach how to integrate geocoding

storing location
ip address

geocoder gem

started end of may june
2 month
original was blog post
30 pages
50 pages content

what is geocoding
real world
starbucks location
search postal code
search by address

finally test
external service

javascript components really nice interface

area gem
us cities

dig into performance
google 50-150 mill second

geocoder gem with redis
interact with cache
memcache in heroku

difficult to write good test
every single time query
rely on data

stubbing out request

decoupling entire rails
dependency injection
geocoder stubs

adapter pattern

searcher class
rely on twitter gem

reverse geocoding
coordinates to address use cases (mobile, browser request)