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scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)

thoughtbot Build Phase #5 ★

thoughtbot Learn Fecal-Philiac Episode #5

xcode tips and trick

xvim plugins

xcode plugin for dash

color sense
update code

cocoapods for xcode

ks image name

autocomplete for ui image imagename

chocolat vim mode

high functionally beginner

best vim emulator
ctags, autocomplete

source control
xcode git
open pull request
source control
modified filter

option space -> dash cmd space -> alphabet ctrl space -> alfred

xcode other git feature
diff view
blame view
commit feature

git stuff in terminal
git -p

basic shortcut
cmd1 open code system editor
cmd2 navigate window , attribute
cmd3 design ,open storyboard ,close file navigator leave attribute

open less window
debugger, issue

cmd y toggle breakpoint
cmd enter

post github repo

horizontal split

ctrl6 list of method , pragma - type and jump

hate code comment

auto completion method
super view did appear
view tap animated
dont have to type it

block signiture
curly brace

TODO, FIXME comments
risk leave
want to get rid of warning

big fun xctool

plugin directory
git cline xvim repo
cd && xcodebuild

alias for workspace
open wildcard xcode project

have 2 alias
x-pre (xcode developer preview)

lldb plugin /scripts
lldb init

rd - recursive description
debug description
super useful
object equality different

full screen
main screen xcode

gutters transparent
line number

check length of lines in class
need line number with vim jk