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thoughtbot The Bike Shed Episode #7

7: At the Car Wash | The Bike Shed bullet unused eager loading accessed_fields https://github.com/rails/rails/commit/be9b68038e83a617eb38c26147659162e4ac3d2c faraday Service oriented artchitecture attributes_before_type_cast

Rebuild 56-60

前に聞くだけ聞いてたかもしれないが聞き直した Rebuild: 56: Technically In Tokyo (a_matsuda) a_matsuda Rails勉強会東京 中の人がうじゃうじゃいる 2008 asakusa.rb rbの略語 ruby bregate アウトプットしたい Ruby 1.9 + rails直した コアな人と友達に…

thoughtbot Giant Robots Episode #132-133 ★

132: Story Tellers (Adarsh Pandit, Kyle Fiedler) | Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast ★ fellow thoughtbotters Adarsh Pandit and Kyle Fiedler Pivotl TrackerやTrello, Slackを使っている Iterationは1 week story points veloci…