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Ruby5 #601

Ruby5 - Episode #601 - November 17th, 2015

  • Keeping Updated on Security Alerts
    • how (and why) to stay up to date on security alerts
    • Ruby Security Mailing List and the Rails Security Mailing List
    • CVE Reports
  • Automating Code Review With Pronto
  • How to Write Better Code Using Mutation Testing
    • not an alternative to line coverage
    • mutation testing asks “what code can I change without breaking your tests?”
  • Snappier Development Mode in Rails 5
    • evented file system monitor
  • Add days_in_year method to Time class
    • Returns 365 for common years and 366 for leap years
      • days_in_month(2, year) + 337
  • Pakyow 0.10 Released
    • provides real-time, reactive views in a back-end driven architecture