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iOS Bytes #31

iOS Bytes - Episode #31, July 31, 2014

  • Flex
    • Flipboard open sourced an internal tool
    • debug multiple parts of y our app without being connected to Xcode
  • FLAnimatedImage
    • Flipboard
    • easily display animated GIFs on iOS in a UIImageView
  • Understanding .xcappdata
    • how you can use an .xcappdata package to load sample data when developing with Core Data
  • BrightFutures
    • a futures and promises library with Swift called BrightFutures
    • adopt the promises style of asynchronous code
  • Hacking UINavigationBar
    • changes the height but preserves the top vertical alignment of bar buttons and and transition animations
  • MotionBlur
    • adds a motion blur effect to UIViews that can be used to create stunning transition effects

Blur - Song 2

by SoundHound