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scribble 落書き (調べた事をただ落書きする)


NSScreencast Episode #125 Swift Basics

Swift Basics - NSScreencast swift not intended to be replacement of objective-c under NDA repl var x = 30 no semicolon let y = 50 constants var count: Int # count: Int: 0 all variable initialized by default value var letter: Character = "A…

MotionInMotion Episode 30 - Animations with CALayer

Animations with CALayer - MotionInMotion CALayerを使ってflipやshrinkのアニメーション UIImageの場合 image_view.image = UIImage.imageNamed('title') @image_layer = image_view.layer CALayerの場合 layer.addSublayer(@image_layer = CALayer.layer)…